Build a Business for the Future with ChatGPT

How AI is Revolutionizing Entrepreneurship

Headshot of Bruce Peck

Bruce Peck

Jan 30, 2023 · 4 min read

The Game is Changing

In 2007 Steve Jobs stood on the stage at Macworld and said the now famous words, “And we’re calling it, ‘iPhone.’”

4.83 million apps later the tech world has never been the same. It was a once in a generation paradigm shift.

In 2022 Open AI launched a deep AI called Chat GPT. And the world may never be the same. Why?

Chat GPT offers the world an extremely simple to use and understand tool that can create amazingly complex and nuanced results. You can ask it to make you a grocery list, write you a song, write your blog post (which it is still working on out thinking yours truly), and the list goes on and on.

As the iPhone made every task in our life easier in a simple, easy way, so does Chat GPT. And the key to the iPhone’s success was allowing developers to run wild with their creativity and find novel solutions by letting them into the App Store.

That combination changed everything. In the same way Open AI is allowing developers to use its API which makes even the smallest developers have new super powers.

This is Not a Drill

The more skeptical among you are probably saying, “Yeah yeah yeah, this is the next big thing, just like the Metaverse, right?” (Which in case you are wondering has been slowly dying, check out this article for more.)

No. This is the real deal.

In stark contrast to the Metaverse, Chat GPT had a million users just after launch and continues to grow at an astonishing rate.

And also unlike the metaverse, VR, most crypto, NFT’s and the like, this has clear tangible use cases for just about everything.

Let me give you a brief sampling:

What if instead of going to WebMD and getting a diagnosis back for your scrapped elbow with results ranging from cancer to tuberculosis, you could actually get a fairly accurate result? On the first try, customized to you?

What if you uploaded data from your journals to an AI and it read all of your journals and then recognized patterns and gave you advice on how to improve your moods?

There could be customer service bots that actually solve your needs, SEO optimized blog posts in a matter of minutes, AI personal assistants that help in everything from ordering inventory for your company to managing your exercise routines.

And on forever.

Every Industry Disrupted

The word “disruption” gets thrown around a lot in entrepreneur circles and is sometimes misused.

The meaning as originally intended By Clay Christensen, a Harvard Business School professor and author is: a process by which a smaller company with fewer resources is able to successfully challenge established incumbent businesses.

According to Christensen, disruptive companies start by serving the neglected or underserved segments of the market and then move upmarket, eventually disrupting the traditional players in the industry.

Now think of that through the lens of a widely available incredibly useful AI API. What kind of smaller companies can take on bigger ones?

Well, for instance almost all of Google’s business model is built off of their ad network, and that requires you to browse through a gazillion search entries and spammy ads sites.

What if you could just go straight to the answer, no spam, just listed out cleanly and neatly, better than any blogger could do?

The age of AI is here, and it’s here to stay. The question now is who will build the apps and companies for the next wave of innovation?