What is the process of building an app?

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Bruce Peck

Dec 01, 2022 · 2 min read

It all starts with an idea, and hopefully a good one. From there we meet with people to brainstorm out what they want to build. Then we get a rough estimate of what the project will entail, when we get the green light, we then start on the design process.

In the design process we take your idea through several stages, from wireframe (a rough black and white mock up of where things will be located) all the way to a fully fleshed out clickable prototype that looks and acts exactly as the real thing will without any code.

From there we re-estimate the project (many things change in the design process) and meet with you to go over the estimations.

Then during the dev phase we meet once every two weeks. The first week we code, the second week we test the code which involves both running tests on the app and manual testing. On Wednesday of the second week, we meet with you to demo the product, get your feedback, and send you a build of the app so you can get us feedback on it.

We repeat that process until the app is ready to be submitted to the app store. Before it is released, we do one final test using as much real data as possible to ensure that the app is good to go.

Once the app is live it moves into the launch phase, which is a month that allows time for bugs and additions to be communicated to the dev team and for them to work through them.

Then if you want to keep working with us we have retainers available where we can continue to provide maintenance for the long haul.

That’s a high level overview of our process and how many apps are created.