Completing construction projects on time and within budget is quite challenging. It’s even harder to do when you don’t know if you’re on time or budget. ScoutTraks is an innovative way to track the progress of projects as they develop.


The main design challenge with Scout Traks was to think through how to make it simple for a construction worker to be able to input data in on the go. To accomplish this we were conscious to add in large hit areas, and to be able to make all the tools on the app easy to implement with the press of a finger.

Simple Management

ScoutTraks is an iPad app for foreman and managers of construction projects to be able to track the work complete and manage the overall project.


Clark works for an Ohio-based construction company called OCP and knows first hand the struggle of tracking a construction project as it progresses,. That’s where the idea for ScoutTraks was born. From our first meeting with Clark we realized that the main challenge would be to build an app that could be powerful enough to collect the needed analytics yet simple enough that a foreman could use it while walking around a job site. This put unique constraints on what the app could or could not do. First, it needed to work without internet connection, second it needed to be able to allow people to mark blueprints up while walking around and third it needed to allow people to draw on blueprints.

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