Shingle Genie is an innovative app that uses machine learning to identify the type of roof shingle used on a roof, eliminating the need for expensive and time-consuming chemical testing. This app is especially helpful for contractors, home inspectors, and homeowners who need to identify the type of roof shingle for maintenance, repair, or replacement purposes.

Main Features

Scan Roof Tiles

Ability to scan roof tiles from different angles

AI Analysis

Photo analysis by a machine learning algorithm

Analysis Results

Allowing users to make informed decisions on maintenance & repairs

The Challenge

The main design challenge of this project was to create an app that could accurately identify different types of roof shingles, taking into account the subtle differences in color, texture, and shape. We used machine learning algorithms to analyze photos taken from different angles and lighting conditions to identify the shingles used on a roof accurately.

The Story

The founders of Shingle Genie, Tyler Wrinkle and his fellow business partners, were tired of having to send roof shingles to be chemically tested, which is a costly and time-consuming process. They believed there must be a better way, which led them to approach us with the concept of Shingle Genie. We ran an experiment to see if it was possible to teach a machine learning algorithm to identify roof shingles, and we were excited to find that it could identify them with high accuracy.

Revolutionizing the Roofing Industry

Shingle Genie is still under development, and we are continuing to refine the app to ensure that it is accurate, efficient, and user-friendly. We believe that this app has the potential to revolutionize the roofing industry by providing a fast and reliable way to identify roof shingles.

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