Build Apps For iOS & Android For Half The Cost with Flutter

Flutter, the hybrid framework born from the Google labs in 2017, is a revolutionary blend of cross-platform efficiency and the unwavering power of native development.

One Code Base, Two Apps

Flutter is a “Cross Platform” development language, which means that when you build in Flutter you have one code base that manages both the iOS and Android versions of the app. This generally cuts the cost in half of what it would be to develop it natively.

Get Your App Built Quickly

There are few speed advantages that come with Flutter, first you only have to build out and manage one code base. Second, Flutter has something called, “Hot Reload” that allows developers to build features more rapidly with less manual work, saving time and money on the build out.

Build Anything in Flutter

Because Flutter has large graphics and animation libraries and a wide array of widgets, that means that we can build you basically whatever you want.

Clients LOVE Working With Us.

“Thanks so much to you, Garrett, Thomas and the whole team. Y’all kick a** and take names! And that’s truly an understatement.”

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John Mayes


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This group knows how to bring ideas from concept to reality. I really enjoyed working with them and am looking forward to many years of benefits from the work that they completed for us. I highly recommend Approachable Geek!

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Clark Townsend


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Scout Traks

“We hired Approachable Geek to design a user interface for our software as a service application. (They) quickly grasped our application and came up with design that looks great and really improves its usability."

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Lydia Thompson

President and Co-Founder

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Appraisal Scribe

Prior to my assessment with Approachable Geek, I had a friend review my code, and Approachable Geek's feedback was incredibly accurate and helpful. I would not hesitate to engage with Approachable Geek in the future.

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Jonathan Williams


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The Toy Fax

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